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Species Spectrum™ supports urban and backyard chickens like forward thinking cities such as Portland, Seattle, and um... Eldorado (Santa Fe, New Mexico).
chickens belong

Chickens Belong Bumper Sticker

Who would have thought a few hens would be a first world problem? In the old west rural arty liberal community of Eldorado, there's a few henpeckers.

There's a lot of problems to solve in the world. Banning Backyard chickens isn't one of them. Could those HOA fees go to a more philanthropic meaningful cause? You bet'cha!

Show off this bright shiny pro-chicken bumper sticker! Measures 6" x 2" . $3.00ea.


chicken shirt

Chickens Belong New Mexico T-shirt

Wear a shirt that will cluck for you! 100% Cotton. Designed and printed in Santa Fe, NM. Are you too chicken? S-XL.


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If you would like a T-Shirt please email:


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